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C.J.S. Sanitation Corp

C.J.S Sanitation Corp is a Bronx based full service private sanitation company. We have been in business since 2012 and have been successful in providing reliable waste and recycling services to our customers. Started as a one man / one truck operation, CJS has scaled based on years of hard work and dedication to its clients. We provide all types of waste removal services with reliable well maintained trucks and have all size containers available to suit any needs.

Business Name

C.J.S. Sanitation Corp

Contact Person

Christopher Sorice

Title of Contact Person


Contact Phone Number


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Business Address

3562 Lufberry Avenue

Services Provided
Container, compaction, and bailing equipment Customer outreach and education Waste auditing and assessments Waste collection - metal/glass/plastic recycling Waste collection - paper and cardboard recycling Waste collection - refuse Waste collection - single stream recycling Waste collection - source separated organics Other




NYC Boroughs Serviced
The Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens
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