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EcoRich Composting Solutions

EcoRich provides on-site composting solutions and anaerobic food waste to energy solutions. There are four solutions we provide for food waste.
1. 20lbs to 4000 lbs per day composters and compost pick-up service.
2. 14-day composters with a processing capacity of 4000lbs per day.
3. 10 ton per day composting plant.
4. Anaerobic Food waste to energy plants that can process from 5 tons to 30 tons of food waste.

Business Name

EcoRich Composting Solutions

Contact Person

Manish Desai

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Business Address

94 East Dewey Ave

Services Provided
Micro-hauling of organic waste Waste collection - source separated organics




NYC Boroughs Serviced
The Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Staten Island
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4 My city machine, Baltimore

4MyCiTy Inc. ( • Instagram photos and videos

4MyCiTy Inc. ( • Instagram photos and videos

Youtube videos

(12) EcoRich Commercial Food Waste Composter - How It Works - YouTube

(12) The composting with EcoRich Elite II on-site composter. - YouTube

(12) NYC Park Testimonial - YouTube

Case Studies.

Composting Case Studies (

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