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Everest Removal Inc.

Everest Removal Inc. has been in business providing refuse removal services for 15 years. As a company, our responsibility is to provide a safe, quick, and effective service not only to our customers who are our number one priority but to all people in NYC. The owner, Chris of Everest Removal Inc., has been driving his trucks since the company started. He understands what is needed to stay afloat in a competitive market and how to build trustworthy relationships with all customers.

Business Name

Everest Removal Inc.

Contact Person

Chris Christodoulou

Title of Contact Person


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Contact Email
Business Address

162-15 12th road

Services Provided
Waste collection - metal/glass/plastic recycling Waste collection - paper and cardboard recycling Waste collection - refuse Waste collection - single stream recycling




NYC Boroughs Serviced
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