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Safe Fleet, Inc.

Safe Fleet Waste & Recycling (SFWR) specializes in products and software aimed at improving efficiencies, service levels, environmental impact, accountability, and safety. Operational since 1996, SFWR has installed over 6,000 onboard systems with many located in the Top Ten waste haulers. Clients range in size from 3 vehicles to over 1,400 installed. SFWR has the premier RFID solution available on the market and holds the patent covering the use of RFID technology in waste collection vehicles.

Business Name

Safe Fleet, Inc.

Contact Person

Jaren Naef

Title of Contact Person

East Region Sales Director, Waste & Recycling

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Business Address

231 -1313 E. Maple Street

Services Provided
Customer outreach and education Fleet enhancement or services GPS/Telematics Safety equipment or services Software services




NYC Boroughs Serviced
The Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Staten Island Queens
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