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Zero Day

Zero Day's equipment sorts and compacts waste by material stream into color-coded blocks that customers can leave curbside for collection. These blocks replace garbage bags. The blocks are vermin, spillage, and litter-proof and are safe to handle, protecting sanitation workers from toxic and hazardous materials. Our equipment has barcode scanners that track waste by material, product, and brand. Blocks are RFID tagged with data on customer, building, and material content for waste characterization purposes.

Business Name

Zero Day

Contact Person

Maneesa Nelken

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Business Address

19 Morris Avenue

Newlab (Building 128)

Services Provided
Container, compaction, and bailing equipment Customer outreach and education Micro-hauling of organic waste Software services Waste auditing and assessments Zero waste education services




NYC Boroughs Serviced
The Bronx Brooklyn Queens Manhattan Staten Island
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